Group Members SPECIAL


A group members SPECIAL!


get your promo codes to get 50%, 30% and 20% off your favorite items in the Salt & Pepper mainstore!


1. Put your group tag on


2. RIGHT click the vendor of the item you would like to use the promo code with, select menu.


3.  from the menu select "buy"


4.  select Promo Code (you have 3 of them: 50off, 30off, 20off) *


5.  enter the code you would like to use, and click submit


6.  click the vendor to buy the item for the now reduced price.



always check your local chat, it will confirm your steps and the discount.


*you can use all 3 on separate items. The promo codes work for group members only and are limited to one use per avatar.

These codes are valid until Oct1st, 23:59 SLT






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    Owl (Wednesday, 27 September 2017 14:55)

    Awesome this is exciting, thank you so much!!

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