A brand new S&P erotic release is coming to Japonica. S&P robe Miya.

The event runs from march 16th - april 6th, opening at 8 AM SLT

The March round of Japonica is dedicated to japanese inspired erotica.


Some of you might remember my ropes & flower gacha from 2 years ago. I always wanted to do a follow up on that since it's still my personal fav gacha of mine. 

So here is a non gacha, follow up piece.


The Miya robe was created to hold the upper arms tied to the body and has therefore a pose included. The pose has the highest possible SL priority and should work with any AO or other poses too and ensure the arms to be in the same tied position. 

This garment is not suppose to move freely. 


However with SL, it can happen that after jumping into a few poses, the integrated pose gets overwritten. If you see your upper arms moving freely, just detach and re-attach the dress again.



included sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink HG, Belleza Freya


14 colours available. all single colours come with a HUD for both flowers and rope


black, royal, red, cream, laek, sky, lavender, mauve, sunset, eggplant, desert, golden sun, sea, mermaid



See you there!




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