As the first episode of the series "Fashion - Made in SL", the amazing Draxtor Depres made a video about Salt & Pepper and the person behind the avatar.


I feel very honoured and thrilled to be part of this !

Salt & Pepper was founded in Feb 2015.


Salt & Pepper went from concept to a brand in 2015. My love for exclusive, elegant fetish , fantasy & urban clothing and accessories, brings you what

Salt & Pepper offers Second Life residents today.




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inworld store:


The store sim is also home to The Birdcage, a stylish BDSM club exclusively to S&P group members as well as to the museum of kink.

Come and explore <3



join the Salt & Pepper update group inworld, to receive 10% store credit on all items in the mainstore (excluding gachas & promotion items), amazing group gifts and an exclusive membership to The Birdcage!