Monthly Midnight Madness

The craziest event on the grid



to my dearest MMM supporters,


with a heavy heart and many sleepless nights I came to the decision that the next round of MMM (June 13th) will be the last round of Monthly Midnight Madness.


The reasons are pretty simple. 

With a lot of events and weekend sales flooding the grid, it just became incredibly hard to fill up the rounds.

The work behind the scenes doesn't change but rather becomes more and so it became incredibly draining for me.


I would want to leave on a high note and not wait until the event would hit the ground. 


I would like to thank everyone of you , for all your support through these years, for the encouraging words and motivation you gave to all our creators <3


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Mattia, without him, nothing of the past 5 years would have been possible. 


Huge special thanks to Cayenne, who was there in the whole madness from day 1 and who managed the absolutely mad group with the patience of a golden angel. 


I hope you guys will understand and will join us one last time for the incredible madness on June 13th <3



most of the creators will have their previous gifts from 2020 set out for a max of 99 LS as well. So if you missed to get any of these, you will have your "ultimate last chance", which we usually have on our birthday rounds, early.




Monthly Midnight Madness is a monthly event that begins each month on the second Saturday at 12:00 am SLT. So it's the night from Friday into Saturday.


10 – 15 designers take part in this event and offer you some awesome free gifts which are limited to 1500 pieces each. Two gifts per designer are offered. The first gift-board will go live on Saturday at 12:00 am SLT, the second one on Saturday at noon SLT.


“Last Chance Vendors” will go live on Sunday at 12:00 am SLT and will give you the last chance to pick up the gifts for a very discounted price between 25 – 50 LS . The amount of gifts is not limited, but the vendors will be live for 24 hours only. After that period the exclusive colors will not be available again.


So… if you missed out on a midnight gift you really wanted, be sure to drop by at the store by midnight SLT when the Last Chance Vendors go live!

Some creators offer an optional add-on color-hud for a discounted price. Keep your eyes out for those!


… having a limited number of gifts that will be given out means one important thing. There WILL be people who do not make it there in time to pick up that gift. We are doing everything we can to both balance the exclusivity of the gift along with making sure there is a fair chance for everyone. If the gift you were wanting has reached its cap by the time you make it there, please remember there will always be another round and another chance! By hounding the store owners or making ungrateful demands you might just chase them out of the event and miss any future chance for a gift again. With such an amazing group of designers,  let's not do that.





The gift boards are scripted in a way that they won't give gifts to any avatar above 25000 complexity. This is needed to reduce lag and to make sure that the gift boards give away the gifts properly. A high complexity is mostly caused by high poly mesh attachments and high resolution textures, not by the amount of scripts which actually don't effect the gift boards as much. You can check your own complexity in the right bottom corner of your appearance window or by going to the menu - avatar – health – show complexity / render weights on avatar. Make sure you'll keep it below 25 000. Regular mesh bodies usually are not the problem, some mesh heads though have 100K alone, other mesh heads are totally fine. Same goes for hair. You can see how the weight changes if you remove or add any mesh to your avatar. We provide a survival kit that includes a full alpha and a TP hud to all participating stores and highly recommend to just go full alpha for this event.<3



All that being said we are already looking forward to the next round and we hope to see you there!