Gift guide - September 2019


Dead Dollz    -    Essenz    -    Narcisse    -    NX - Nardcotix   -  Pink Cream Pie

Stores with optional add on colors HUDs:

Dead Dollz, Essenz, Narcisse, Pink Cream Pie, Breathe, Belle Epoque,

Faida, Justice, Inner Demons, Lybra, Salt & Pepper, The Forge, Violent Seduction


PLEASE STAY BELOW 25K complexity. The boards won't give gifts to avatars above 25K complexity

Dead Dollz

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 50% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members

Pink Cream Pie

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 50% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS

Belle Epoque

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 50% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members

Galland Homes

Last Chance Vendors: 25 LS


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS

Inner Demons

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members


Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS

Salt & Pepper

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS, 100% discount for store group members

The Forge

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS

Violent seduction

Last Chance Vendors: 50 LS

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Comments: 23
  • #1

    Wynn Klaar (Friday, 13 September 2019 11:15)


  • #2

    Gaea Oakleaf (Friday, 13 September 2019)

    This round is amazing! Major kudos to all the creators!

  • #3

    Merilee Cwynyd (Friday, 13 September 2019 16:01)

    Everything looks fantastic! Salt, are the Evelyn dresses different from the Fatpack (which I already have) ?

  • #4

    rhian Milena (Friday, 13 September 2019 17:40)

    Wow , amazing. thank you to all the designers that put so much effort into making this into amazing event .. Cant wait...

  • #5

    Nesca Fey (Friday, 13 September 2019 18:19)

    Woot! This round looks fabulous! Big Thank You to the creators for all the great goodies!

  • #6

    Salt (Friday, 13 September 2019 18:41)

    @merilee , all these colours in the Evelyn add on hud are completely new and different from the regular fatpack and available only this weekend ❤️

  • #7

    Tamathena (Friday, 13 September 2019 19:38)

    Amazing as always!!~ Thank you to everyone involved!~

  • #8

    viviana30 (Friday, 13 September 2019 21:10)

    Gracias a todos los creadores de las diferentes tiendas en Second life, todo esta hermoso cada tienda ha puesto hermosos Items, Muchas gracias y feliz viernes

  • #9

    viann1 (Friday, 13 September 2019 21:59)

    Gracias a todos los creadores por estos fantásticos regalos!!

  • #10

    Togli Dagger (Saturday, 14 September 2019 00:32)

    Simply gorgeous! Thank you so much designers. I can't wait.

  • #11

    maitreya again (Saturday, 14 September 2019 00:50)

    half of its maitreya again....disappointed

  • #12

    oooh gawjious! (Saturday, 14 September 2019 01:17)

    but half doesn't fit XS

  • #13

    Tracyann (Saturday, 14 September 2019 02:34)

    Drooling! ~I want so bad!~

  • #14

    Negly (Saturday, 14 September 2019 06:01)

    Awesome!! Can't wait for it! <3

  • #15

    Tressa Beaumont (Saturday, 14 September 2019 09:27)

    Just a wonderful Round, and thanks especially to Salt for fixing some glitchy boards and not strangling the clickers who wouldn't stop clicking lol <3

  • #16

    Nicole (Saturday, 14 September 2019 09:36)

    Thank you, Thank you! Once again, you delivered the Best!

  • #17

    Anon (Saturday, 14 September 2019 13:30)

    I really like MMM, however maybe you should think about upping the limit some. When it only takes a couple of hours for some boards to fill up, on a regular basis, I think it's time to review those limits. We appreciate the designers and that you want these items to remain exclusive. However, when people log in early, and still miss the items, it puts a damper on the event for them. Yes, we can later pay for the items,but that's only if we remember to go back and do so. You dropped the complexity limit, to give everyone a better experience. Maybe it's time to review the item limit, as well.

  • #18

    Cheri Pye (Saturday, 14 September 2019 14:12)

    Thank you for the incredible selection of gifts, this time and last. Kudos

  • #19

    Salt (Saturday, 14 September 2019 15:44)

    dear Anon, we thought about the limit a lot and no, it will not be upped. it's part of the hype of this event. it's limited to 1500 each from 15 creators, that is a lot of gifts. 8 hours later we still have some that did not cap and there will always be some that will cap quickly. In case someone can not get his desired gift, there is always last chance vendors that are live for another whole 24 hours. and give it for MAXIMUM 50 LS + a lot of extra discounts up to 100% for store group members. in regards to the limit: the last drop to 25000 gives a better performance in the boards and smoother overall rounds. Therefore we will keep that as well. if you have any further questions you are welcome to message me privately. <3

  • #20

    Angel (Saturday, 14 September 2019 16:47)

    THIS IS FREE STUFF!!! And the vendors make a great job FOR US every month. So we all should be grateful and do not complain!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • #21

    diva07 sparta (Sunday, 15 September 2019 03:53)

    Wow, so Amazing .. Great Work to you all .. and Thank You, All for your amazing work!!!

  • #22

    Phrogh (Sunday, 15 September 2019 05:23)

    Have to agree with Angel. These creators make stuff - GOOD stuff - and then give it away. Perhaps some of us (like myself) had to work and will have to go through Last Chance for teh items I want - I can more than live with that...

  • #23

    To those complaining about not enough support for other bodies ... (Monday, 16 September 2019 08:06)

    As a legacy owner, I had 4 or 5 choices and I even MISSED the event entirely. Was still super pleased to get them at the Last Chance price. Never EXPECT anything free, learn how to be grateful for an option or two. Seriously.