Terms of Service


  1. Delivery of the items posted on the Second Life Marketplace is not controlled by Salt & Pepper.
  2. If you experience a delivery/redelivery malfunction or extended delay please contact xxsaltandpepperxx resident or Izzabelha resident.
  3. We do not accept claims after 24 hours after purchase. 
  4. We do not redeliver transferable products.


  1. We do not take orders for custom work. 
  2. We do not accept request regarding our products including modifications and changing of the permissions. 


  1. Please try a demo and read the product’s description and permissions (posted on the photo and description). All sales are final. 
  2. Make sure the product fits your needs before purchasing. 
  3. Exchanges for No Transfer items are not possible. 
  4. All products are for use ONLY in SecondLife.


  1. We do not give refunds, except for double purchases of non transferable items. In this case proof of purchase will be required.
  2. Please pay attention when you Buy as Gift. Refunds are not possible if you buy the product for yourself or the wrong person.
  3. There is no refund on gacha items.


  1. If you experience a problem with one of our products please contact xxsaltandpepperxx Resident via a IM. We can not read notecards when we are offline, IM's will be send to our email so we can respond to you. 
  2. Please allow us a 24 hours ( weekends 49 hours) window to respond, since we cannot be online 24/7.


All text, graphics, user interfaces, textures, photographs, logos, artwork and scripting code including but not limited to the design, structure, expression, “look and feel” and arrangement of such Content, contained on this store and products is owned, controlled or licensed by or to Salt & Pepper, and is protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trademark laws


All instant messages, notecards, local chat and feed between you and Salt & Pepper are kept private and not disclosed to any third parties with the exception of Linden Lab upon request.

Salt & Pepper collects only data containing purchases information including but not limited to name of the product, date and time of purchase, buyer’s name and recipient’s name.

Our products do not collect any kind of information about the owner, the owned product upon wearing, or any other activities performed by the product’s owner or surrounding environment.

All the collected data mentioned above is not to be disclosed to any third party.